Donate to keep littlewhitey's VC:MP server alive!

Donator Benefits

10% off heals and vehicle repairs.
You receive double the amount you normally would for killing a player ($1000)
You lose half the money you normally would for being killed by another player ($125)
You can buy armour from Ammunation using !buyarm ($7500)
You will receive a 10% discount on vehicle purchases.
You help keep the server alive and kicking!

NOTE: The donator benefits are tied to your PAC account, so you MUST PROVIDE a valid PAC account name/ID with the donation message in case you want to receive your benefits!

Please note that the Minimum Donation eligible for Donator Benefits is $5 (USD) - Any donation lower than this will help keeping the server alive but it will NOT give you any ingame benefits. When donating please be sure to include your ingame account name within the "Message" field of the transaction. We only accept PayPal.

The donation process is not automatic. This is a manual process in which verification from the Littlewhitey staff member with the credentials of the PayPal account is required. Please be patient as waiting periods may vary.

Lastly, if you would like more information regarding donations then please visit the forum thread at the following address:,16876.0.html